Quilting Day

I was working last night when my machine encoder line snapped on my quilting machine. No worries, I can run down to Walmart and replace it with 50# weight fishing line. This morning, I do just that, then realize that my encoder hex screw was stripped, too. Thank goodness this is an easy fix, too!

I really need to finish this quilt. So I quilt most of the day again. I get to the bottom border and think about what quilting design would give me a good bang for my buck?? I want to to do something different from all the other quilts I’ve quilted at this particular show.

I try to remember what quilt goes to which show so I can change the designs from quilt to quilt and not be too predictable.  My feeling is that if all my quilts look alike (at the same show), then I become too static and the viewers get bored.

Aha! I remember Molly’s quilt and the border on it. This will be at a different show, so no one will know I’m using it for inspiration, right? :

Here is a picture of my current quilt I worked on today:

So, this is my progress today. Tomorrow, I finish the borders, do my SID and applique work and color it done! Woo-hoo!

Hugs, Carla


14 thoughts on “Quilting Day

  1. Pretty quilt. Victorian Valentine or some name like that? The quilting is even prettier of course.

    I always do the sid before any background fill. I see you leave it till last. Any particular reason? Inquiring minds need to know!


    Hi Gayle, I stumbled across doing it this way a few years ago and it works for me. You need to have full control of your sandwich layer as you work, though. The fill, sashing and border treatment act as your stabilizing influence before the SID.

    Probably the advantage of doing it after the fill are with those quilts with a little fullness. If I ditch first, then fill, I run the risk the fullness will shift towards the already quilted line and then you have other issues. Doing it after the fill ensures that the extra fullness is already been taken care of in the quilting and I am left with only a taut space to place my straight line. Thanks for stopping by, Gayle! Hugs, Carla

  2. So glad you got everything up and going again! I love that border treatment!

    Lynn, thanks again for being so helpful with my little machine crisis. I appreciate your wonderful support! Hugs, C

  3. The quilt looks beautiful!! I love applique quilts…..as its something I just haven’t mastered yet!!! I love how your background fill has complimented the applique…..someday I will get brave with background fills.

    Karen L

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