Sneak Peek Quilting

Just started a heart quilt today, here’s a small peek of this one. Here’s a “before” block where I am doing a small meander fill:

and the after block where I have filled in along the spine. I am working really small here. Some of these feathers are 1/16th of an inch:

I really like the texture of this particular fill. Of course, kudos to Suzanne for her Meandering Magic technique that I have used as my fill in the example above. Next, I have to stitch-in-the-ditch around (and on) all the appliques, plus in between the blocks. Today, I hope to get some good quilting time in.

Yesterday, I gave a private quilting lesson to Mike, who has a lot of talent and potential as a longarmer. I can’t wait to see his first show quilt when it is completed. By the way, it is nice to see more men entering the longarming world!

Regards, Carla

6 thoughts on “Sneak Peek Quilting

  1. I love it! What are you referring to re Suzanne’s meandering magic? Is it a technique or is there a book or tutorial available? Txs in advance, love your work.

    Hi Debbie, I have another visual on my post yesterday (just before this post) also more information, including links at this post:

    Suzanne is a friend of mine that wrote 2 books on the how to, plus she teaches at the major machine quilting shows. It is an excellent resource for quilters to have in their library. Hope this answers your question. Thanks for stopping by! Carla

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