What’s on Your iphone?

I just updated my original iphone, you know, the one that I over paid for when it was first released? The update stripped off my wallpaper and old apps, so this gave me a chance to load my phone with a new wallpaper of my favorite baby:

I also loaded some new “apps” or applications written by non-Apple software geeks which make your iphone do even more stuff.

Now my iphone will easily do the following:

Where To? will allow me to find anywhere I need to go or find and then flags them on a GPS map. I will use this one all the time!

My own virtual Koi Pond will allow me to enjoy these fish without ever having to clean up or feed them. You can touch the water and even chase the koi around.

You can also download a gas program similar to the one to the left which will show you which gas station has the best price. I downloaded one called igas.

Flight Tracker– an app program which will easily allow you to track and locate any flight in the world! This will be helpful when we travel and when Joe is gone on business to check his flights.

Local Picks– Check Trip Advisor to find a great place to stay or eat. Reviews included!

Showtimes– will allow me to get a list of what movies are playing where no matter where I am!

YouNote– Now I can easily jot down a quick note using my iphone and my finger to write.

Wikipanion– Free app which I can use to search any topic, person or event.

Flashlight– for those times when I need an emergency light or when I’m at a concert and I wish an encore!

ColorSutra– app for playing with and choosing colors. You can even take a picture of say a top in the store and it will show you colors that match for that perfect skirt. Picking out quilt store fabric and not sure what other color to pick? This program is for you!

I also downloaded a few game apps for playing when I’m at the doctor’s office or bored. By the way, you easily can download these using your iphone from the itune store.

Any one have a favorite app to share that you think is really valuable?? Leave me a comment and I’ll check it out.

Regards, Carla


One thought on “What’s on Your iphone?

    I now have a razor v9, its just OK, but at least we dont have 2 cell companies bleeding us..lol

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