River stone sketches

Here are some rough prelim sketches of a few pieces that I want to do using the river stones. Yes, these will be revised and improved upon, too:

Anyhow, the designs are very simple, and the focus will be the stones. Any flat metal pieces, such as the base on the bracelet, will be textured. I also may add 2 different tones of metals within the pieces or make them a bit more unique.

I also have some other designs combining textured metal with fiber art, too, in a very cool necklace. Sorry, no sketch yet. This one is unique enough that I may show you the finished piece if it comes out like I envision.

The design aspect to this class comes more naturally to me than the execution.   Once i get comfortable using the torches and tools, I can move ahead with implementing the designs.

Thanks to Faith, for sending me the website where I can visually see how to work with the tools. I am a visual learner, so that tip is very helpful!

Off to celebrate Labor Day now… Hugs, Carla

3 thoughts on “River stone sketches

  1. I, too, would wear any of those designs! You will get used to the tools soon enough and time will tell if you continue on but somehow suspect that you will continue….


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