I’m Back!!!

Good day!! I am back from my Lake Tahoe retreat!!! Lots of fun, laughter and meeting new and old friends! Warm memories of sitting by the lake marina sipping wine and enjoying the sun, creating and finishing projects, shopping, good eats, and of course, socializing with friends. Thank you to Linda and Teresa, the hostesses of the retreat for their hard work!!

Wonderful memories of the weekend were slightly tempered by seeing Lynn off to the train station, then rushing back to my local hospital where my daughter was at. I spent the entire evening with Amy in the ER, where they finally diagnosed her with a kidney infection and ovarian cysts. Amy is a trooper, she just started college this week and went to class yesterday and plans to attend 3 classes this morning.

Speaking of college, my first metal art class started last Saturday. I was in Tahoe, so I needed to drive home from my retreat, attend the class, then drive back to the retreat. It was good that I made the effort to attend as there was a long waiting list for this class and anyone not attending the first class was dropped. I am taking this class with my friend, Faith, who I met about 10 years ago when we both used to advocate for special needs students. Can’t wait to start working with the metal!!

Back to quilting now…. I have two quilts for a show to do, then I can re-focus on my own show quilt. I will share pics from the retreat and I also have a new tutorial for Mokuba Freelace to post. Hugs, Carla


9 thoughts on “I’m Back!!!

  1. Carla it sounds like you had a wonderful time. I can’t wait to see what you do with your metal working!

    In any case I have mentioned you in my blog and included a link to your blog. I put up a photo of the crochet bag I made. Of coure mine is not made of pretty fabric like yours are. Once I use up some of the ugly fabrics I will likely make some out of pretty fabrics like handyes. If you like go over and have a look: http://enchantingquilts.blogspot.com/

  2. Sounds like you had a great time! Good for you. Can’t wait to see more pictures…the one you posted look gorgeous.


  3. That doesn’t sound much like a relaxing retreat with so much driving but I’m glad you got to see Lynn again. I hope Amy is OK. She is a trooper to leave the ER and go to school!

  4. Hey that is not good about Amy! Hope she is feeling well soon!
    I got my shop all in order.. i bought the work bench from costco and the big heavy duty shelving for genes tools…. its ready for work!! Email with a list of the stuff that is in the student kit.. iam sure i have everything already but want to make sure i have what is required. See ya saturday! It was good catching up… and wow…it’s been 10 years!!!! No way!

  5. Hi Carla,

    I feel bad…I forgot to ask how Amy was doing yesterday. She certainly does sound like a trooper!


  6. Glad the trip went well, and good luck to Amy…I had those too, not the infection, the cysts…starting school all at the same time as well. Makes you stronger anyway.

  7. Thanks for carting me around, Carla! I loved the brief tour of the Capitol, too! It was great to see you again, as always. I hope Amy is feeling better, and that you get some down time to rest. Hugs, my friend.

  8. Welcome back! Glad you had a great time. Look forward to see your latest work.

    hope your daughter is doing better…strong girl (like her Mom) I know you will make sure she takes care of herself.

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