A visitor, My friend Lynn, is arriving tomorrow to the ranch, can’t wait to see her. In preparation for her visit, I do what any Type A personality does- I rewash the clean sheets so they have a nice spring like smell! And not just ANY sheets, I only use high thread count sheets, but not so high that you are slipping and sliding- if you get my drift!

The guest room and bath gets a quick check to make sure it is impeccable, remind me to put out cool books and magazines for Lynn to enjoy. Oops, now I should clean my studio, too. Well… maybe not- LOL! I’m not THAT anal, after all.

Does anyone else do something special before guests arrive?

The last time Lynn came for a visit, I took her to my favorite bead shop and almost lost her for good! Seriously, Lynn discovered the karma of the bead box- and she spent some serious bead box therapy time with it. I’ll take a picture to show you what this infamous box full of beads looks like. There is definitely something soothing about running your fingers through a box of beads. It almost reminds me of playing in the sand as a child- only minus the yucky feeling of sand in your crotch!

Sand…. Beach…… looks like I’ve come full circle since yesterday’s post! Btw, DD did pick me up some sand for my collection, but she didn’t find any beach glass.

Happy Wednesday to you!! Hugs, Carla


7 thoughts on “Visitor!

  1. You crack me up! But you do have a great point, sand in the crotch is NO FUN at all. Are you and Lynn planning to go the bead shop again? If so, are you in the mood for picking up other beads from the bead barrel for me to put on the quilt you have? I was thinking about for other parts of the quilt like the mariner’s compass to make it sparkle. If not, no big deal. You may have seen my lasted quilt on MQR. My skills need a great deal of refining before I attempt that project.



    PS – I would have sent this in an email but you mentioned that you are having email issues….

    LOL- I already did this awhile ago! LOL Actually, every time I go, I hunt for you. They have these adorable little fish beads that I try to find, too. I’ll take a picture to share…

  2. Carla,

    Do you think beads or crystals for the compass sections? One of these days we really should just pick up the phone and chat!


  3. oh…yes, when guests come, I generally have a good little freak out.. …..this time, it was the guest washroom…lol Rondas coming this week end and I was planning the menu when it hit me that I hate the wallpaper, so there I go!

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