Yet Another Freeform Scarf

Here is what I am working on:

I love the colors above.  Very cool, refreshing!  Obviously, my focal point yarn is the multi-colored yarn in the front.

Later this week, I have a quilting retreat to attend at Tahoe.  I love it especially since it will give me an opportunity to get to know some other quilters.  AND, there is no cooking- all of it is done for us!  Woo-hoo!

The focus of the retreat is “UFO’s” aka unfinished objects.  I do have a unfinished quilt that i would like to finish during this weekend.  I need to make lots of leaves that I plan to 3D out on the quilt, too.  This particular UFO is a remake of a wonderful quilt that Molly and I made a few years ago- AND which later took a Blue Ribbon and Best of Class at the state fair.  I really want to finish it so I may send it back east as a special present for someone who is retiring.

Hope your day is creative!!  Hugs, Carla


6 thoughts on “Yet Another Freeform Scarf

  1. Dear Mrs. Barrett,
    This scarf features my favorite colors. I have heard the legends of how generous and loving you are, especially to friends who cannot attend retreats with you and other friends.

    Oh, did I mention how beautiful you are? You look so young!
    your friend who cannot attend the retreat,

    Oh Susan, thank you for the good laugh tonight!! You are so funny!! The retreat is very small, private and organized by my local quilt store owner. If I were running it, you could come!!!

    Of course, the flattery is much appreciated!! Hugs and kisses to you!! Carla

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