Yarn Therapy

Nothing like a trip to my favorite yarn shop to make a girl feel better:

and more:


Speaking of yummy yarn, a message to Nancy that her blog prize went in the mail today- sent priority via the US Postal System.

Dreaming of Beach Glass… A LONG standing obsession for me is beach glass, and hunting for beach glass. Let me know if any reader just happens to live on the shore and had oodles of frosty sea glass to share or trade. Will WORK for Sea Glass!!!

My DD came by this morning and casually mentioned she was heading for Santa Cruz with friends to swim, search the tide pools, etc with friends. I asked her to bring her dear Mom back some beach glass, and told her that hunting for sea glass is a good thing. I’m crossing my fingers…. Carla

9 thoughts on “Yarn Therapy

  1. The new yarns look GREAT! Did you pick one out first and then work from there? You are probably so good with color that it just comes naturally…yes, I’m envious! I’m better than I used to be!

    Do you have a large collection of sea glass?


  2. Hmmmm… I approach it one of two ways. Sometimes I know what colors and pick from there. Othertimes, a particular yarn jumps out into my hands and talks to me. Then it is a simple search for other yarns that also look yummy together.


    dang caps loc

    It is easy and therapuetic, Gina. Look on a tide table to discover when your low tides are. They happen twice a day. Low tide is the best time to look, and also after a storm or period of high waves. Then, you go down to your local beach at low tide and start hunting. Look at the high tide mark and also down in the low tide area. Some people even bring a sifter once they have located a good area.

    You can also just stroll along the beach and hunt. That is very peaceful, plus good exercise.

    Over time, you will locate good, reliable spots. The more secluded the beach, the better your chances will be.

    My email is acting up right now, as soon as it gets fixed, I’ll email you privately. Thanks, Gina!

  4. You must have tons of fun picking out yarn for a new scarf. I’m picturing you doing it by color and texture and mood, putting things together and then standing back and squinting — like we all do when picking fabrics for a quilt.

    Mary Ann, ohhh you guessed right!! That is exactly what I do. I usually bring out every color that matches, then I cull it down taking into account texture.

    You can use the word “Mom!” I know that Suzanne won’t mind sharing you. LOL! We all will just adopt you!

  5. Your sister doesn’t send you sea glass? What kind of sister is that? I could probably send you some, though I am already collecting for a friend…..any favourite colours?

  6. That’s right! I forgot about my sister…. I’ll give her a call and ask her to hunt. Appreciate that you pointed this out, Oreneta!

    I love all colors, though brown is my least favorite. Shades of blue, green, aqua are my favorites. I love them when they get all frosty by nature. I’m searching for 3-5 pieces that I can set in bezels for a bracelet and one triangular piece that I will set into a necklace piece.

    I also collect lovely stones, and will attempt to use some of them in my art class projects, too. Can’t wait!

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