Bead Therapy, etc.

Went for a little shopping therapy at my favorite Bead store- you know, the one with the HUGE bin? You can run your fingers through this large bin of beads, and fill bags of plastic for $3 per bag. It was a 4 bag kind of day. I also went a little crazy buying other supplies:

Then, on my way home, I stopped at the thrift store and found lots of good finds. My favorite were there 3 costume jewelry pieces that I can de-construct and reuse:

What I am reading:

In preparation for my metal arts class, I purchased Susan Lenart Kazmer’s new book Making Connections:

I’ve admired her work for at least a decade or more! This is a lovely book and can be found on her website.

Enjoy your day!! Remember, only 3 more days (until Sunday Aug. 17, 2008) until the end of my FREE blog giveaway!

Take time in your day to do something creative!! Hugs, Carla

6 thoughts on “Bead Therapy, etc.

  1. I’ve been buying beads lately and it’s amazing how the price tag goes up up up and you have this small bag!!! LOL

  2. Love the bracelets. Can’t wait to see what you do with them. You certainly find GREAT items and deals at this thrift store. The ones by me are either pure junk or way too expensive. Years ago there was one that I just loved…but it has long since closed. Those were the days….


  3. You can run your fingers through bins of beads???? How utterly fantastic is that! They’d have to usher me out at the end of the day. Love the thrift shop bracelets.

  4. Carla…remember i have a huge library of metal working books..some real cool ones… time for a visit.. hint hint
    Iam gonna have to check this book out..its a new one since i built my library.

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