Time for Another Blog Contest!

I’ve decided to run another blog contest- this time it is just because I feel like it! Here are the simple rules…

1. Winner to be selected next Sunday, August 17, 2008 at noon, PST.

2. Winner to select a freeform crochet scarf – from one of the 2 freeform scarves recently featured in Post 1 and Post 2:


3. To sign up, post this image on your blog within a post and a link back to my Feathered Fiber blog site:

(to copy, just right click and “save image as”)

4. Last requirement, come back to this post and leave me a comment so I may check out your site and add your name to my contest jar.

That’s it! That’s all you have to do to enter and win my free give-away! Good luck, Carla

44 thoughts on “Time for Another Blog Contest!

  1. Well Carla,

    I love your scarves and your work, and your blog too…so I have posted the phot on my sidebar and linked to you and I have my fingers crossed indeed.



  2. Hmmm… well you know I love your scarves… but I don’t have a blog… I would in a heartbeat put your logo on it if I did!!

    Does that count? LOL

  3. Hi Carla, I love scarves, yours are very nice. I live in Argentina… if I win,,, will you send the price to my houseeeeeee?? I will post the image !!! Thank you!!!!!!!! ร‰rica

    Hi Erica, thank you for your nice words. Yes, my contest is open to anywhere in the world- which certainly includes Argentina. I have a fair number of blog readers who live outside of North America. Good Luck!

  4. Carla, I LOVE your leaf quilt!!! And the scarves are super fun!! Very CUTE!! I just wanted to say how much I love your blog! You have such a variety of cool things. THANKS!!

  5. Carla….I’m going to try this…not so good at it…

    Thanks for having the “Quilting Bloggers” on your site…I”ve signed up and have already gotten in touch with several women in Sweden! FUN!

    Carol in Sweden

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  8. Ok Carla I finally figured out how to put a link back to your site on my blog. HOpefully I did it right and will get my name in the jar for the darker purple, green jewel tone scarf. Hey if I do not win I would love to see how you made it so I can make one of my own. I already have a bag of assorted yarns waiting to become a Shoebox Jacket which is a knitting project I cannot figure out…………..crochet scarf would also be good as I think I could tackle that one much easier ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. G’day Carla
    This is a lovely thought … man I wanna win the purple one it looks so warm & cuddly – just what I need as it’s cold Down Under…I’ve linked you with my blog … Thanks for your generosity … OOroo … Bethel

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  12. Carla,
    I just found your blog from May Britt’s Abyquilt. Your stuff is wonderful. I love it all. where to begin telling you what I like best, there’s just too much wonderful here. I’ll be posting your contest on my little blog. I also will be bookmarking you in my Google Reader.

    Robin in Virginia

  13. Oh, I think I need to win this one! August 17th is my birthday, after all! Thanks for offering such a wonderful prize…all the ones I’ve seen are lovely!

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  15. Hi Carla,

    I was on vacation but I’m glad I’m home so that I can get one of those beautiful scarves when you pick me, pick me, pick me!!! Thanks for being so generous. Have a great weekend…Kathy

  16. I saw that you were having a giveaway.
    I make scarves too.
    I have posted on my blog my latest creation.
    Have you the paterrn for that wonderful scarf and what was the wool….

  17. I have a blog…that I don’t post to, so it wouldn’t do much good to post a link. If I could figure out how. Just wanted to say I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing all your creative projects. Thanks for sharing, Carla!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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