Visitors to the Ranch

Good Day, I had some recent visitors to the ranch lately… the first one, Molly, picked me up a special treat during her recent trip to Ireland:

Molly remembered how much I love TimTams (which are made in Australia), so she brought the above for me. I put them in the freezer, since I am in my first week of the South Beach Diet. Thank you, Molly, I appreciate your thoughtfulness!

My next visitors weigh quite a bit and happen to love grass. Yes, Rancher Ed’s cows spied the green grass on the other side of the fence, so they decided to come for a visit:

and more in the back:

Forgive the window glare on the photo above, I was sitting on my sofa drinking my morning coffee when I took it. Notice that Rex is playing with them? Actually, he just ignores them until he sees us watching them. Then he gets up and plays the part of watchdog. After this he lays down, ignoring the cows once again.

Anyhow, it is nice to see the cows once again. I always enjoy it when they come for a visit.



3 thoughts on “Visitors to the Ranch

  1. Our rent-a-dogs do that with the deer. They bark and pretend to chase them only to look back and see if they have drawn us out of the house to play. It’s only an attention ploy.

  2. I’ve down that Southbeach diet — the first two weeks are a killer but it really takes the weight off. What are Tim/Tams? If it’s chocolate the freezer wouldn’t keep them safe from me.

    Aren’t dogs funny. When I was young I had a bird dog who would go hunting with my Dad. Then my brother brought home a hawk out of a tree (a baby) and we nursed him and he grew big. Eventually we would put him out on the patio and the dog would defend the hawk if any neighbor kids bothered it he would bark. The hawk became wild and eventually quit coming for visits. Rocky was the best dog…all these years later I still think of him. You could unwrap a chocolate bar anywhere in the house and he’d hear it.

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