Photo Shoot!

No, not for me! Nor for one of my quilts or other artwork either. Instead, I have a German solar inverter company coming to do a photo shoot of my house and solar system tomorrow.

When I was asked, my only question revolved around whether they needed pictures of the inside of my garage. “Yes”, they said, since that is where the inverter is mounted. Uh-ohhhh!! I don’t know about you, but my garage looks pretty unorganized. Kinda like a junk drawer or the closet that I cram everything into, but on a MUCH larger scale!

So, yesterday, Joe and I decided to clean out the garage. It was time to do it anyway and especially since my bad kitty (read story HERE) had taken her bad kitty behavior out into my garage. Joe said that the cat “deserved a gold medal” for urinating outside of the cat box. Just so we are clear- this is NOT a good thing. Thanks to bad kitty, we needed to throw out boxes of old clothes (her favorite place to pee) and anything else deemed fair game by the cat. I was afraid that my car, parked into the garage at night, would pick up bad kitty smell cooties by osmosis and ruin that, too.

In the end, we wound up having a whole truck full of items to throw away, so off to the dump we went. Finally, my garage looks beautiful and certainly ready now for its photo shoot. Plus we have the added bonus of being able to fit 2 cars into our 3 car garage!! Life is good!

So confession time… what does YOUR garage look like? It is clean, tidy and organized? Or does it look like a nuclear bomb went off? Perhaps somewhere in between? Hugs, Carla


11 thoughts on “Photo Shoot!

  1. Congrats on the write up and photo shoot. My husband keeps our garage clean. He tidies up when he’s watering the front yard.

  2. I don’t have a garage, but our “bad kitty” issues were solved by changing her diet. (She had Urinary crystals, now she in on an Rx Diet that keeps her from getting the crystals.)

    Thanks, Amy, when the behavior started, I was thinking perhaps a feline UTI, so I took her in to be checked. The vet said no, and recommended prozac for the cat since it was behavioral. I thought he was kidding, so I had a good laugh! Turned out the vet was indeed serious! In the end, the solution was to make this an outdoor kitty- with full access to the garage for shelter, food, water, etc. The kitty is still mad at me for this, hence the bad behavior.

    I feed my kitties Iams brand of catfood. What brand is your special food?

  3. Luckily for me, my husband is pretty organized in the garage. It’s his mission to keep it clean enough to keep my car in there. He’s a keeper!

  4. *garage was remodeled to my shop:)
    *congratulations on yours and Mollys win!
    *Jack is so darn scrumptious!!!
    *missed keeping up with ya this week!
    *How is metal shop going?

  5. Three car garage here…..that can hold all three (very large Ford 3/4 ton crew cab, Expidition and a sports car) vehicles. Plus a spare refrigerator and freezer and two metal shelves on wheels. DH is very protective of his garage….so no extra junk here. But then we have a very large storage shed (50 x 50) that holds all the lawn mowers, snowblowers and all the garden stuff.

    Karen L

  6. Ummm, don’t have a garage, but I simply adore the fact that you have solar panels…brilliant and wonderful!!!!!!!!

    My electric bill last month was -$45 dollars US!! I use the overage and bank them for the winter months. A few years ago, my electric bill for July was $700. I love my system!

  7. Oh boy, we have a 3 car garage in the new house and it’s not pretty. We are still unpacking, slowly. The bad news is that our house will be in the Parade of Homes in about 5 weeks and I need to get my act together.

    Uh-oh! Time to get busy! LOL

  8. Confession time? DH “thinks” he knows how to organize but when he does the garage it’s barely adequate. I went in about 8 months ago and whipped it into shape, along with our outside shed. DH had both areas TRASHED within 2 months!

    It miffs me a bit because he has NEVER EVER put a tool back in its storage spot. Tools sort of get tossed on whatever surface is available. Grrrr…

    We only have a two car garage and I make him park his car outside. (Only room for one!) Scrapping ice off the windshield has proved no incentive for him to clean the garage. Sigh… Guess I’ll clean it AGAIN before October 1st. 😉

    My DD was my garage messer in my house. Now that she lives on her own, you would think it would get better, right? Yesterday, she came over and wanted to wash her car. I went out after she left and yes, she left a mess, and left the hose out, turned on so it was leaking all night. Grrrr… some things never change.

  9. I do not have a garage but my attic/studio is a complete mess at this time. I mentioned to PJ yesterday that I need to do some serious emptying of the house. This is not going to be fun since that means I will need his help. He would rather be outside playing (I mean hanging out since he is now 15) outside. Can’t say that I blame him one bit!


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