Sunday Catch-up!

Thought I would take a moment to show you all the mundane and other random stuff from my life. First off, I received a lovely box full of thread a few days ago. I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing that makes a woman feel so good as receiving new thread!

Above is a sneak peek at the colors in my new quilt that I made with Barbara Kiehn. I will load this quilt this week and I figure it may take a hundred + hours to complete.

While I was in my studio, here’s a picture for my friend, Marge, who wants to take the photoshop Digital Imaging class that I took so long ago at a local college. This assignment was to create a magazine ad called “Diesel:”

The grade on the back says I received an “A” from my instructor. Everything in the ad was created in photoshop (bottle, shadow, metal surfaces, etc.) except the blurry diesel truck images blurred in the background. Marge, take this class, you won’t be sorry!

We saw Jack TWICE this week, his new favorite play toy is a plastic straw:

He is lunging for me wanting to be held more and more. Of course, this melts my heart EVERY time!


Warning for all my vegetarian friends, don’t scroll down!

Last but not least is the smoker I purchases for Joe. He has been experimenting- with various levels of success. The first one wasn’t smoked enough and needed some sauce, the second had too much. After watching Bobby Flay of the Food Network, he now knows what step he was leaving out. Here is is third attempt waiting to be placed inside the smoker:

Since I just started the South Beach Diet, I won’t be eating the above ribs, but for me Joe is smoking a tenderloin. Speaking of diet, I really need to take off 20 lbs, how did those get there?? I’ll keep you posted from time to time about my goal, anyone want to diet with me??

Thanks again for all the congrats to Molly and I for the terrific win at the state fair. I’ve now talked Molly into a quick retreat up to her beautiful vacation home at Lake Tahoe in a month. Molly is a lot of fun, and the last time we did this, I converted her to 1) buying an ipod; and , 2) listening to country music!!

Enjoy YOUR day!!! Hugs, Carla


5 thoughts on “Sunday Catch-up!

  1. Carla, great threads! Good luck with the SBD. I have done it a couple of times (I keep falling off the wagon) but it works great and is easy once you get the hang of it. I lost about 12 pounds and felt really good about myself. Now to climb back on. Good luck, keep us posted…Kathy

  2. Ohhhh pretty thread! And the farbic of the next quilt looks very pretty…can’t wait to see what you do.

    Good luck with the weight loss…I lost 20 pounds the last 3 weeks…not the right way though, so I’m sure some of it will finds it’s way back. Hopefully I’ll be released to exercise soon..that’ll help some.

    And Jack…he’s just a heartbreaker!

  3. Carla, what yummy thread – what brand is it? It’ll be awesome watching you do this quilt – 100 hours worth – hope you keep us posted as you go. Also, keep us posted on your SBD. Loved that last quilt – beautiful!! I’ve been studying it.

    Penny, the thread is ARC from Such lovely colors! The last quilt actually used a stencil in the middle of the quilt with lots of freehand around it to prevent a static look. That is my favorite look- using conformity with lot of freehand. You own an intelliquilter? Be sure to use freehand with the robot quilting to keep your viewer guessing! Hugs, Carla

  4. I will only be able to show you snippets here and there…. I promised Barbara I wouldn’t show the quilt on the blog where the design can be totally realized.

    I am sitting on my hands, this is really hard to NOT show it- LOL!!!

  5. Carla – that Jack is soooo cute – he’d melt my heart, too!!
    Love the thread. Do find that the ARC quilts as well as Isacord? I was about to place an order for Isacord, but may change my mind, depending on what you have to say, oh thread guru!

    LOL! You are funny, Jan! IMHO, ARC (sold by melcomart) is pretty much equal to Isacord. You can look at them side by side and not be able to tell the difference. They even stitch similar. The benefit to ARC is the color chart, I sometimes want to see an accurate chart. Isacord does not have a physical one, I don’t think, so you must rely on your computer monitor when picking your colors, or rely on a Isacord conversion program. Good Luck!

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