California State Fair Ribbon!

Woo-hoo! Just heard from Molly that this lovely quilt:

was awarded a 2nd place in the California State Fair!! Molly and I teamed up on this beauty- Molly pieced it and I did the quilting.

This is actually the 2nd joint quilt project that has won a ribbon at the California State Fair. A couple of years ago, Molly entered an art quilt we did that took a first place!

Congrats, Molly (who reads the blog…)! Hugs, Carla


22 thoughts on “California State Fair Ribbon!

  1. AHHH! Kudos to my favorite quilter!! I am thrilled with our award – though it should have been higher – LOL!!! YOU are what made this quilt so special!

    Kudos back at you!! This was really a very pretty quilt, you always are so good at picking colors. Talk with you later… Hugs, Carla

  2. Thank you from Molly and I! We work well together and I look forward to our next collaboration! Molly, don’t we need to schedule a retreat to Tahoe?? LOL!

  3. wow, that is great!

    Will call you later with questions, news, gossip and information and maybe coersive technique to get you to go toAFF.

  4. Tahoe with Carla? You bet! Let me get DH back to his college teaching and we are off! Bring the Ipod and the CW music! We’ll collaborate! LOL

    Woo-Hoo!!! Tahoe here we come!! Just say when…. Hugs, Carla

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