Visit to the Fair

The neighboring county had their annual summer fair, so of course Joe and I went. I love to seek out these small little fairs, and take pictures of interesting things.

The quilt display was very disappointing this year compared to last. I only saw about 30 quilts and none really stood out. In the Fine Art department, there was some wonderful examples of art. I was quite taken by a watercolor artist named Jeannie Vodden.

I also loved the Dahlia’s in the flower competition:

And taking a ‘Best of Show” in the Redneck Floral Competition:

Can you say, “This BUD’s for You!”

Seriously, I couldn’t make this stuff up, honest!

As we walked around, I couldn’t help but notice some art sprinkled around the fair grounds:

I want one of these for my yard, don’t you think?


I love to see the 4H section and the various animals. A cute kid let us pet and play with his 2 week old baby meat goat. I was surprised how soft the goat hair is at that age. I sure hope it has a long life as a free range goat and not later sold for food.

We enjoyed some music, watched a live wild west show, indulged in some chocolate dipped ice cream and had a good time. So what did YOU do this weekend? Hugs, Carla


4 thoughts on “Visit to the Fair

  1. u could easily with your talent build and paint that kind of bench with your birdies..get to it Carla! Add that to your list.

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