Jack at 6 Months

Once a month, I try to remember to load some pictures of Jack to show off to relatives and friends. He is now officially 6 months and his personality shows through on this first picture:

I took the above picture during a game of raspberries- it is obvious he won! LOL Here are 3 others I took on Sunday during a visit:

The highlight of the visit was when Jack held his arms out to me and lunged forward! My heart melted on the spot!! He brings so much joy to Joe and I!

I’ll share the finished applique quilt tomorrow and also the next quilt I’m doing for a friend. Tonight is the monthly quilt guild meeting, so I also need to get my quilt show entries in order to turn in.

Hugs, from Carla

7 thoughts on “Jack at 6 Months

  1. Oh Carla, I’m so glad you’re getting to experience the joys of being a grandparent. I still can’t resist when one of mine reaches for me or holds my hand or says “Mamaw!”

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