Finished Applique Quilt

I thought I would share the finished applique quilt that I did for Jill. Her request was to quilt it allowing the applique work to be showcased. I feel I was able to achieve this goal and still do some cool quilting. Here are the pictures:

and a close up of the block design:

The quilting is cool, yet not overpowering. The block design brings the eye in, making the applique work more important. The focal points are the flowers, but the quilting supports it nicely, in my humble opinion.

I used 2 stencil designs to support my freehand work- I mentioned the scroll work by Karen McTavish and the Block flower (one of my favorites!) is by Barbara Chainey, available at StenSource.

If you are heading off to the Long Beach Quilt Show, be sure to look for this quilt hanging in the booth called, “A Designing Woman.”

Off to load the next one…. Carla

13 thoughts on “Finished Applique Quilt

  1. Carla, you set out to ‘down’ play your quilting in order to accent the applique….I think both the applique and the quiting look spectacular!


    Karen A.

  2. I love everything about this piece… except that it is not mine! That is black thread on the the black, right? I looks like a very dark charcoal in the closeup picture.

    Good eye, Sarah!! I used a very dark charcoal- once shade up from black. I did this so that I could see what I was stitching in the black sections. You must be a quilter to spot this… right? Take care, Carla

  3. I am just beginning to quilt and really like to applique. This is absolutely georgeous! I know I’ll never achieve this level, but it is awesome to see your beautiful work. Thanks for sharing! Linda Foushee

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