“Elegant” Quilting

After looking at Jill’s quilt, and knowing she wants a simple understated quilting treatment, I decided to use the word “elegant” as my quilting inspiration. I remembered seeing a lovely design from a Karen McTavish book (from a few years ago) and remembered I had picked up a stencil of this design along the way, but had never used it until now:

It is hard to see since I quilted dark gray on black. Here is another view before I added more quilting:

Now here’s my own freehand to complement Karen’s stencil and fully fill out the space:

Subtle, understated, plus it complements the pretty applique in the circles. See? I can quilt using the motto, “less is more” when I want to. A rare event- to be sure, but I can quilt minimally when asked to.

Off to do the blocks now… Enjoy your weekend! Carla

12 thoughts on ““Elegant” Quilting

  1. So far it is really looking good! Do you baste the quilt down? Perhaps its just hard to see with the thread choice with the black fabric.


    Hi Karen, yes, I baste the quilt down to control the top, sides, etc. before stitching. Side lighting works best for thread that blends well. Thanks, Carla

  2. It looks great!! Perfect stencil choice….and your adding to it really fills up that space very nicely. Please keep the pictures coming….its great to see a work in progress.

    Karen L

  3. OMG Carla!! I am using THIS SStencil this week too! LOL YOURS, mind you looks much better than mine. I am finding it difficult to follow, and have adlibed a bit… ok, alot… its beautiful tho? LOL
    Beautiful shop!!

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