Applique Quilt- next up!

Next up on my table will be a quilt for applique artist, Jill Rixman. This is a pretty little quilt and her applique work is stunning. See for yourself:

I will use black thread in the black and green thread in the green. Since she is an applique pattern designer, the idea of this quilt is to sell her patterns. The star of the show needs to be her applique work, if you get my drift… LOL!

That means no special thread and no contrast in the quilting. I will use some cool texture quilting and motifs to complement her work instead. This is actually challenging for me because I love to have the quilting be the star of the show! Thus said, an experienced quilter needs to know when to subordinate the quilting lines so the focus is either on the applique, the piecing or the overall quilt design.

But the quilting doesn’t have to be boring either. Let’s see how this one turns out…. keep watching!!

Hugs, Carla

4 thoughts on “Applique Quilt- next up!

  1. This quilt is stunning in its simplicity and value contrast — fabulous applique — anyone would love to have this quilt! Makes me want to start doing applique!!!

    You’ll do a wonderful job with the quilting — you always do.

  2. You’ll do a wonderful job!!! I just hate those kind of quilts when you have to let the piecing/applique be the star…..although, with the matching thread….you can still do a few things that will enhance the piecing/app!!! Have fun with this beauty!!!

    Karen L

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