Happy Quilt Done

Did you know that quilts have a personality? It’s true! This quilt, I just finished for Nancy back in North Carolina, is a very “happy quilt!” It is a bright and cheery quilt, not complicated. Here are the finished pictures:

Here’s the back of the quilt:

And here is a close up look of the quilting:

This was a fun little quilt to do. Thanks to Suzanne for borrowing her meandering magic technique used in the center of this quilt!

Stay tuned to see the terrific applique quilt up next! This one will be seen at the Long Beach show hanging up in a booth.

Hugs, Carla

13 thoughts on “Happy Quilt Done

  1. Hey Carla, I agree with the others a fantastic job. I especially like the meander and the large scale of it.

    About me a little. I don’t have a web site. I love my long arm, but I’m no where near the artists this group is. I’m not even sure how I got on to this site, as I’m going to the Houston Q show this fall and was looking for info. Anyway I’m glad I did find this site. You are an inspiration.

  2. Good day quilter,
    new to this blog, I just love patchwork & quilting……..
    I recently started to dye my own fabric and are now looking for a stunning pattern to use for this new venture.
    I love this colorfull one and it make you wanna go sit down and just do that!
    Maybe someone out there has one of this fancy programs and then create something unique for me.
    I was thinking of something that you join and then cut and scrample – or whatever.
    Help me please!

    Hi Martie, Thanks for leaving a comment- and- welcome to my blog! This happy quilt is pieced together using the “broken dishes” pattern. If you click here and click here, then it will take you to a site that offers free patterns.

    Additionally, you can visit your local library and will find how to do this pattern in most older pattern books. Good luck and have fun with your hand dyed fabrics! regards, Carla

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