Quilting Again

It feels good to be quilting again after my vacation. This first quilt is for a friend who lives back east, I’m quilting it using a technique by Suzanne Early called Meandering Magic

Tomorrow, I need to finish this so I can start a quilt that will hang in a booth at the West Coast “Houston” quilt show that is happening later this month down in Long Beach, CA.

After that, I hope to work on a special project for myself- my friend and talented quilt designer/piecer, Barbara Kiehn, pieced a quilt for me that we will eventually show later this year. My plan is to make this my best quilting effort to date.

Happy Quilting, Carla

PS: Don’t miss the season premiere of Project Runway happening on Wednesday night. This is one of my favorite shows, I will admit. Who else love this show?

12 thoughts on “Quilting Again

  1. Meandering magic indeed! Wow what a great idea for a simple quilt — I love it! I love the color in this quilt.

  2. That’s a beautiful top…what a great palette to just quilt away on. I can’t wait to see your “best quilting effort” ever…I can’t imagine how wonderful it will be!

  3. Love this quilt. Can we see the top that you are going to put forth your best efforts on? i agree with Terri, I always enjoy looking at your work.

    Karen A.

  4. Is it time for Project Runway already? I’m going to have to make sure my DVR records it. I’ve been watching since it first started. I love it!

  5. That’s beautiful Carla. Though you really have my interest piqued looking forward to ‘your best quilting ever’! I can just imagine how phenomenal that will be

  6. I love this quilting… I am recently struggling to learn this, so I know how hard it is…
    I am ashamed to admit that my reality/competition addiction is Big Brother and Shear Madness. *grimace*

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