Boat for Sale

Remember the Wombat, the motor yacht that I have been fortunate enough to travel on? It can be yours, if you can afford the price, that is. I talked to my sister and this unique yacht, featuring an interior beautifully crafted by Maine artisans, is currently being offered for sale.

The Wombat is now in Newport, Rhode Island, so if you live there or are traveling by, be sure to look for this distinctive hulled boat. For more info, contact yacht broker Kevin Merrigan at Northrop & Johnson.


On the creative front, I am quilting a small quilt for a friend today. Then I need to work on some freeform beading for a certain person’s quilt (you know who you are).

Hugs, Carla


3 thoughts on “Boat for Sale

  1. Oh, I’m so excited to see!!!!! I’ll send you an email on the topic.


    PS – I so wish I could buy the yacht…oh well next lifetime…

  2. I’d rather have the sewing machine…though it is smaller than I had imagined.

    What will your sister do next? Are they buying a bigger one?

    The owner has other yachts (one or two?), this one is his smallest. My sis and her husband will remain busy managing the other ones. They are usually based in Fort Lauderdale for most the year.

    The biggest boat this owner had was a 151 foot M/Y built by Delta Marine in Washington state. My sister got to take it 1 and 1/2 times around the world on that one. Lots of interesting stories she has, too.

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