Good to be Home!

A quick post to say I made it home safely from my travels.  Well, I did… but my bag did not.  United Airlines last saw it in Denver.  And while I am cranky, I just want to say the following:

A message to that 280# man in the airline seat next to me on the first leg of my flight. Yes, the one who overspilled into half of my seat. Since you did not pay for half my airplane seat, next time you squish me, I’ll elbow you even harder.

The second flight went better- upgraded into Business class. I did sit next to a thinner man, though he did talk for the entire 2 hours of the flight. He gets a bonus point for not smelling, however, he does get points deducted for describing every job he ever had in his life- and every health woe he ever experienced. Oh yes, and his wife,too.

Can you tell flying makes me cranky?? LOL It is good to be home!!!


6 thoughts on “Good to be Home!

  1. This one made me laugh — we’ve all experienced those people in the seat beside us. At least no screaming infants.

  2. LOL@U! I am not a happy flyer either I cant wait for the day I get to fly first class. It seems that I always get problem neighbors:(

  3. That’s exactly the reason why I take dramamine and wear my iPod. It keeps the talker from annoying me but doesn’t do much for the smelly guy. Glad you are safely home.

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