Entrance Gates Must be Hereditary

These pictures are to show you that large entrance gates must be hereditary. My dad’s gate and fencing are much larger than mine, plus he has nice landscape to complement his AND a cool matching mailbox:

So see? This certainly makes you wonder whether having a big entrance gate is something passed down in the genes? Of course, we can blame the size of my large entrance gate on Woody, can’t we, which does blow a hole in my theory.

Sample of beaded base- Here’s a sneak peek of 2 of the 4 beaded bases that I made while on vacation:

The next step is to create a freeform beaded art on top of this base. Why go to the trouble to make a nice base that will later be hidden or covered? Because you can still see the underneath side, which will look like the above photos.

It is good to be home again. It was wonderful to spend time with my Dad and Doris, and my Dad is improving from his 3 surgeries. Hugs, Carla


6 thoughts on “Entrance Gates Must be Hereditary

  1. Welcome home. I’m glad to hear that your dad is doing well. I bet your dad doesn’t have interesting stories to go along with his massive entrance, like you do.

  2. Hi Carla,

    What are the plans for the bead bases? Nice to see you posting and that Dad is doing well.


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