Happy Belated 4th!!

I meant to blog more regularly while on vacation, but you get busy with parties, running to town and of course, celebrating the Fourth of July.  This was the best 4th of July, fireworks wise, that I have ever had.  You see, the next door neighbor here in MO, named Todd, is a pyro-technician hobbyist.  He put on a professional show- easily equal to the large stadium shows and the big Disney firework shows.  We guessed he must have spent well over 10k this year on his fireworks.

We had the best seats, literally about a hundred feet away. The fireworks shot up and went off over our heads, it was amazing!!

Last night, Todd did it again, too!  This man is a firework professional!  Of course, we are all curious just how many thousands he spent on his hobby??

I mentioned that my dad has a very cool house- outside, he has a nice entrance gate (even nicer than my woody gate), an exceptional back patio and some artistic landscaping.  Then inside he has an indoor swimming pool, a garage that is bigger than my house, and not one, but two bars for entertaining. I will have to show you some pictures when I get home because I’m on someone else’s computer and I have to downsize them.

Remember I mentioned an early teenage Carla oil painting??  I’ll try to upload this…. but I warn you, it is really a very beginner work, and very amateurish:

The last time I picked up an oil brush was the painting after this one.   LOL!

I’ve seen 2 movies while I’ve been back here… can you believe that the matinee price is only $2.50??  In CA, it would cost about $8-10.  Perhaps I will see one or two more while I’m here.

Next post I’ll dig out the family photo album…  stay tuned!


5 thoughts on “Happy Belated 4th!!

  1. You end up with such interesting neighbors! I swear, Carla, you could be your own tv show (Cameron Diaz as Carla!)

    Love the painting– you showed artistic vision way back then, too!

    LOL Susan!! Yes, I do seem to meet a lot of interesting characters. Pryo Todd is your typical neighbor until he pulls out his fireworks. I asked him and his next show is on Labor Day.

    I tried to email you, friend, about your question. The answer is Quilters Corner, btw. My email is acting up and didn’t send. Dang iphone!! XXOO Carla

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