Missouri Travels

Weed-whacking chores behind me, my muscles decided they were not used to hard physical labor.  LOL  So ok, I admit I’m possibly a wee bit out of shape.  I made a mental note to rejoin my water aerobic class when I get back home.

Today, we go into town (Springfield) to shop, do lunch and also take in a movie.  It’s nice when the hardest decision you have is what movie to see.  I wouldn’t mind seeing “Wall-e,” but really don’t want to deal with tired, cranky, screamy kids at the mid-day matinee.  I think light fare is in order for the day, so I think we need to see a comedy.

While I’m in town, I’ll pick up a card reader so that you can see pictures of what I’m talking about.  I might even raid my family photo album and show you how cute I was as a child.  There’s even a hesitant, teenage attempt at oil painting hanging on the wall downstairs.  I always cringe whenever I walk by it, but my parents always loved it.

My dad goes in for surgery next Tuesday once again.  After he heals from this, he has one more after that.  My dad, before this, was the sort of man who never was ill or needed surgery over the last 50 years. While proudly serving his country during the Korean War as a Marine, and seeing lots of action, he came home on leave one Christmas, only to be struck by a speeding car and critically injured.  He spent the next 2 years in the hospital, and once healthy, he swore he would never (if he could help it, that is) willingly go back to a hospital.  As mentioned before, he didn’t for almost 50 years.

That’s all from Missouri this morning.  We are planning a big blow out if it doesn’t rain for the 4th of July tomorrow. Enjoy your day, Carla



2 thoughts on “Missouri Travels

  1. Hi, Carla! I’m glad you made it safe and sound, and that you guys are able to help your dad out. I’m so sorry that there’s more surgery on the schedule for him, but hopefully, he’ll be on his way back to good health after that. Please listen to your own body and don’t do too much! Nag, nag, nag! I miss ya, friend!

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