Jack at 5 months

This post is for all the friends, family and lovely blog readers who are following my joy with my first grandson, Jack. Here are a cross section of recent Jack images:

And my favorite funny one:

Hmmm… how many adults are that flexible? LOL! He is just so blasted cute to see in person.

Tomorrow is traveling day. Thanks to Mae, who is house and pet sitting for me during my trip to visit my dad. I will most likely blog a few times during my stay, I’m bringing my iphone with me. I also downloaded from itunes a few movies to watch on my trip, plus a bunch of TV shows to keep me busy on the flights.

Hugs, Carla

13 thoughts on “Jack at 5 months

  1. How in the world do they grow up so fast? Cute photos and a cute little guy.

    I hope you have a great time visiting your dad and family.

  2. hello everyone! I’m in Spingfield right now. My dad continues to have medical issues, he had a ct scan today. Today, we helped him out by doing yardwork. This is bigger than it sounds because his yard is a ten acre garden! Will post later, carla

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