Illustration Friday: Fierce

A quick cartoon done on the fly. This is for all those childhood nightmares I had about fierce creatures under my bed:

I also wouldn’t sleep with my closet door open either. LOL

Enjoy! Carla


9 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Fierce

  1. Love the cartoon! I still can’t sleep unless all closet doors are closed. It is those fierce eyes of the unknown.

  2. Fun! I love the play on being a chicken. Ha.

    Sometimes the chicken is autobiographical and sometimes not… all depends on how I’m feeling at that moment. Thanks for stopping by…

  3. I have drawers under my bed so NOW I’m safe (I would never let my arm or my feet hang over the bed) — no closet doors open — who says we have to get over our childhood fears!! LOL

  4. Carla, I love this cartoon! I used to sleep on my stomach with the covers pulled up to my neck and my arms tucked under my body. Of course, there’s no way I can sleep on my stomach now! I have also been known to stand up in the bed and jump toward the hall to run to the bathroom at night. I don’t know why I thought the monsters (or snakes, in my imagination) would limit themselves to staying under my bed. Fortunately, I got over that fear also and no longer feel the need to jump across the room….that could be disastrous at my age:)

    Oh yes, Sharon, I can so relate! LOL

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