WIP Friday

Yesterday, I finished the fix on the guild quilt. I sure was happy to deliver that quilt back to the guild and out of my studio!! Final pictures, click on them if you want to see closeups:

and a close up of the sewn on dragonfly- one of which is cleverly covering the rip in the quilt:

Yesterday, I said goodbye to the Carolina Lily quilt, which is now on its way to North Carolina to reunite with Nancy, age 83:

This quilt earned 2 ribbons for the machine quilting. I thought I would brighten Nancy’s day by giving her one of the ribbons (I did keep the Best Machine Quilting one)- along with giving her the prize money won on this quilt.

Today, I plan to work on my Illustration Friday submission, but more important- if I have to pack light, and win my bet with my husband, then I had best go out and shop for some new “light” clothing, right?? And perhaps some new light shoes to pack, too. It is a good thing he does not read my blog, otherwise, DH would know my strategy.

I also need to visit my favorite bead store and stock up on supplies. Japanese delica beads would be a good choice to buy, don’t you think? Of course, these are the most expensive beads the store has, but it is all in the name of “packing light.” LOL!!

So, dear blog readers and blog friends, what are you up to today or this weekend?? Anyone have some fun plans to share? Hugs, Carla


3 thoughts on “WIP Friday

  1. I’m going to finish the second Criss Angel quilt and get it out of here! It’s going to be hot, so I’m staying indoors where there’s A/C.

  2. Carie, I think that is way cool that you are doing some quilts for entertainment purposes. Pretty interesting!

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