Free Kitty Anyone?

Have one kitty for free. Purrs, stand on her back legs and can beg, and has a lovely fur without foxtails or matts. At least those are the pros. Here’s the con:

Yes, Kitty #3 snuck into my house thanks to my visiting daughter, and in a flash, ruined a pile of batting, including a lovely piece of wool batt! All told, kitty ruined about $60 worth of batting. I swear it was on purpose, too.  Evil, evil feline.

This is the same kitty who about 2 years ago cost me a brand new shipment of expensive nice thread because she was mad at me. This kitty is not allowed inside my house right now at all. This is one psycho, vindictive cat!

I have a nose like a hawk, can smell funny smells from a mile off. I’ve been sniffing it out, when I found the source. Oh Gross!! So now my studio floor has been bleached, shined and deodorized. Said offending batt is now history.

Any takers?


4 thoughts on “Free Kitty Anyone?

  1. Dang that kitty! She does sit on hindquarters and beg ever so sweetly! Isn’t this the one that will bite you if you don’t pet her “just so”? I already have one kitty that was NEVER PLANNED! No way I’m taking on another! Bad kitty!

  2. I guess someone is upset with you…LOL!

    But no thanks…I have a whiner…the 6 months of the year that the house is closed for AC..he whines ALL DAY LONG…cause the doors aren’t open for him to come and go as he pleases. Never mind that we have TWO cat doors..that he refuses to use.

  3. Oh, oh! You must have a relative of our cat, aka the Devil’s spawn. Although he acts domesticated and is much more friendly these days, he cannot be trusted and will turn on you in a second. Psycho cat! He is most definitely an outdoor animal!

    Sorry to hear about your batting. At least it wasn’t down a heat/AC vent! 🙂

    Enjoy your day!

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