Quilt Repair Decision

You have read about the recent damage to my guild’s opportunity quilt. The hanging apparatus rod had a sharp piece, which sliced through the hanging sleeve, the back of the quilt, the batting, the backing, and finally the quilt top.

I thought long and hard about how to fix the quilt or make the “oops” into a design opportunity. We thought about removing the border and requilting, thought about extending the applique work. Finally, this morning the idea hit me…. why not bead some dragonfly bodies, create some fiberart wings with available materials, and, as Tim Gunn would say, “make it work?”

So that is what Jill and I did today. here’s a picture to show you what the beaded dragonflies look like:

It is hard to see, but the wings are iridescent. There are 3 of them on the quilt, including the one that hides the tear fix. It looks even better in person, too!

Now all I have to do is stitch them down and sew back the hanging sleeve, and viola! It can go back on the road. I think they are the perfect complement to this Asian quilt with the moons.

Take care, Carla

13 thoughts on “Quilt Repair Decision

  1. Genius. I know you were sick to your stomach when this happened– I hope this incredibly inspired fix helps relieve your angst!
    BTW– maybe the volunteer didn’t realize she’d ripped the quilt? But since she probably did, shame on her for not ‘fessing up.

  2. No matter how the damage was done or what/who caused it, the ‘fix’ appears to be a great addition to the quilt which is what is most important. Glad you found a great solution to the dilemma.

  3. You are a genius! Actually those dragonflies just add that extra something that just makes that quilt even better! Those look like they just belong there from the getgo!

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