Time to finish my studio makeover…

Last night, I went to my local quilt guild meeting with two delightful master appliquers, Bobbie Jarrett and Jill Rixman. I usually don’t attend, so it was nice to see old friends and meet new people. Several people asked me questions about my machine quilting and what thread I use, etc.

Our guild show is in a few months, and you might remember I quilted the opportunity quilt for the guild. Yes, the one that was ripped and is now at my house getting fixed. Anyhow, Jill was the lead designer on this project, so the guild asked if we would allow the local newspaper to come into my studio and take pictures of Jill and I posing at my longarm while I’m quilting.

First thought I had was I had better clean my studio first, then finally hang quilts on the studio wall for added color. God forbid that anyone should see my messy studio!! Hmmm… is it too late to get some lipo sucked out? We all know that pictures add 10 lbs, right? LOL!!

Perhaps I can bribe the photographer to photoshop me in a favorable light? Have I mentioned how much I hate my picture being taken?? Just who is that middle age woman looking back at me? In my head, I’m only 30 and youthful, laughing.

Today, Jill is coming back over to work some more on the guild quilt restoration project. I’ll later explain how we chose to fix the quilt that was damaged by a careless volunteer.

Do something creative today!! Take care, Carla

One thought on “Time to finish my studio makeover…

  1. Do what I did when I had to do something similar…….hide behind the longarm…..everyone looks smaller standing behind that giant sewing machine.

    Karen L

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