Packing Light Challenge

I am notorious for packing my suitcases (yes, plural) incredibly heavy for any trip I take. This frustrates My DH, Joe, who can zip around the world with only a teeny carry-on.

He frequently reminds me of the time we were traveling around England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland, loaded down with a very large, very heavy suitcase, plus suit bag. And that was just for me. By midway through the trip, I had the brilliant idea to lighten our load by mailing home all our dirty clothes, plus the suit bag. I had to grudgingly agree that this made life easier.

So for this upcoming trip, he has issued a challenge- to only take a 21 inch bag apiece. (exactly 21″x13″x8″)  Hmmm… I’m always up for a challenge, so now how to approach this. I know for sure I will need to bring:

bathing suit and water shoes (in a pinch, I can ditch the shoes and buy them there), a couple pair of capris or bermuda pants and matching tops, a skirt and matching top and ballet flats in case of eating out, of course undergarments. Oh yes, some nightwear.

Electronic gizmos: Can’t live without my iphone, charger and noise cancellation headset. I’ll load a few movies onto it, so I can always watch a movie on the plane. gotta take my camera, charger, and memory cards, too.

Books, Magazine, toiletries and any Rx can go in my carry on with the electronic stuff.

There! That was easy… now to actually stick to the plan and see if it will fit in my brand new 21″ bag. I can do this! Hmmm… perhaps I need to do a practice run?

(Of course, my back up plan is I can buy a whole new wardrobe once I’m there, plus all new makeup, books to read, etc. Then I need a new bag in order to lug it all home again!)

Any tips for packing light?? Hugs, Carla


8 thoughts on “Packing Light Challenge

  1. Have one of the tops do double duty as the top for the skirt for the evening out. 2 pants, 3 tops, 1 skirt, all mix and match. I also sleep in a large tee shirt that can be a beach cover up in a pinch. What about a pair of shorts?

    Use a larger purse for the overflow. I put my book, camera and toiletries in there too. I put a fanny pack in there so I can do sightseeing without carrying my whole purse.

    Use only mini sizes of toiletries and makeup. The hotel provided stuff means you can pack even less.

    I always pack a light jacket or windbreaker or sweater esp in summer. Actually if you carry/wear it, it doesn’t count. And wear sneakers on the plane cos they are too bulky to pack.

    Try rolling your clothes instead of laying them flat. Stuff socks and undies inside shoes.

    Buy a 1gb memory card for the camera, you won’t need extra as that can hold 1000 pics!

    Of course, these are all things I am sure you know already!

    BTW, where are you headed??

  2. Hmmm… maybe you should be dubbed, “the travel princess” 2L- LOL! Terrific tips, by the way. Flying off to see my dad in MO. We love spending the 4th of July there, because fireworks, M-80’s, bottle rockets, cheery bombs are all legal. We have a huge get together down at the Pomme de Terre River (locals call it “plumb de tar”) and have fun. The pyros in the family get it out of their system for another year.

    Contrast that with where I live in CA. Our county does not allow any fireworks at all. They are illegal for fire reasons.

  3. Enjoy your trip. Maybe you should convince Joe to use the same size suitcase that you do…..when he doesn’t fill it up….you can take over the extra space….maybe put your “girly” stuff in his……..

    Karen L

  4. I agree with Michelle about rolling the clothes. I don’t do much traveling but my teenage DS does and I used to pack his travel bag. (Yay! He does it now!)

    Anyway, for some reason I can always get more in a bag if I roll rather than fold the clothes. I’m not sure why that is but I think it has something to do with winding up with less wasted space.

    About the fireworks…be safe! 😉

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