It’s Christmas in June!!

Since I’m “into” packing light these days, I’m trying to figure out which arts/craft I do is light enough to take along. Yarn is light, but when I do freeform work, I requires at least 20 yarns or more- which takes up way too much room. I could bring along some hand quilting work, or even beadwork. Hmmm… Beadwork! That’s it!

I remember I used to have a sizable number of beading books and magazines, but where did I pack them to? So I go out in to my garage storage, and dig around. About 10 boxes into my search, I find the motherlode hiding under some watercolor supplies, circa 2001. Yes!!! It’s Christmas!! Here’s a picture of just the books with one or two magazines- including Bead & Button Issue 1:

Note the Bottom right hand magazine titled “Jewelry Crafts.” The artist featured is Thomas Mann. Last October, I purchased one of his jewelry pieces while waiting for my plane in Sea-Tac airport. I went to link to that particular blog post, but discovered I didn’t even write about it!

I will look for my Thomas Mann jewelry art piece and share with you then. Anyhow, I love his work, I find it very inspiring!

So today I am excited to find all these beading, beadweaving books to read!! The nice thing about getting older is that your memory can’t soak it all in, so if you stumble upon them 7 years later, they are all new again!!

So now to pack a beading kit and only enough beads to stick with my new and improved “pack light” philosophy. Of course, I do know of at least 2 bead stores where I’m headed. Hahahhaha! Life is good…..

Happy Birthday shout out to my older sister, Yvette! Her birthday present is another sock monkey purse for when her current one wears out. Last Christmas, I gave her a full sock monkey ensemble, including the flannel bag I made for her. She says she wears it everywhere and at least once a day, someone will ask her where she bought it.

Yvette is currently traveling onboard the Wombat, but I was able to reach her by cell phone. I was planning to crew on this trip with her and Captain Dave, but it conflicted with our family vacation. The first part of October I will have another chance to crew on this beautiful craftsman yacht… but that is a future blog post. I do miss the sea….

Regards, Carla


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