New Freeform project

This weekend, I was picking up the guild opportunity quilt (the one the volunteer damaged) from in front of the local yarn store, and I couldn’t help myself to a little retail therapy while I was there. I picked a 2 tone yarn as my inspiration and so here’s all the yarn I have that could work for my next project:

So what will I do with these lovely yarns? Make a freeform crochet project, of course. I think I will make a scarf and a matching purse.

Today, I meet with Jill, the opportunity quilt designer, to decide how to approach the quilt restoration. After much thought, I have come up with 4 choices or approaches to fix the quilt. My favorite way turns the damage into a design opportunity, however, I’m not the designer, so I can only sketch out solutions.

Enjoy your day!! Carla


5 thoughts on “New Freeform project

  1. Can’t wait to see the finished fiber project(s)! I love pink and green only 2nd to pink and brown though….

    Lovely colors…I wish I had your color sense.

    Good luck with the restoration…take pictures if you can..


  2. The colors are the colors of summer. Reminds me of watermelons — very beautiful selection. I always feel better about my retail therapy when I see the kind of retail therapy that you do! LOL

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