Mail Call!

In today’s mail, I received several issues of Machine Quilting Unlimited :

This is a shameless plug for a terrific quilting magazine which carries my cartoon, Feathered Fibers. I always get several copies since I’m a regular contributer (Thanks, Vicki!)

This magazine is for all home quilters, so no matter what size machine you quilt on, this publication is for you. There are interesting profiles, reviews, how-to articles and of course, my cartoon.

This issue’s cartoon is autobiographical- it actually happened to me and I lost a few hundred dollars worth of thread. In case you are curious what I am talking about, let’s just say there is a really good reason to have a pet free quilt studio!! LOL

Speaking of pets, here’s an older cartoon that was inspired by one of my kitties. While this never actually happened to me, one of my cats did go under my table. Bad kitty!!


Remember when Vicki Welsh won my blog milestone contest in May? She was kind enough to wait to receive her prize so that I could enter it in the local county fair. Her prize ended up winning a 1st place and this is what she won:

Vicki, watch for a Fed-ex delivery… your purse is finally on its way!! Hugs, Carla

8 thoughts on “Mail Call!

  1. Could that FedEx package make rounds before it actually goes to the new owner?????? (Have I mentioned lately how envious I am????)

    I may just need to subscribe to the magazine. I was getting the Unlimited Possibilities magazine and loved it but let my subscription go…no real reason other than…no time to really read it….


  2. That is a fabulous bag…you cartton as well…what can’t you do? Goodness.

    I have had to leave the paintings behind, unfinished, they will have to wait till the fall…..ah well.

  3. My magazine arrived a couple days ago. I thought this issue was a good one when I skimmed through it.

    I thought “ICK!” when I saw your cartoon. How awful that you really had that happen to you.

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