Valentine Heart Quilt

Next up on my machine quilting table is a lovely Buggy Barn pattern quilt by a friend, Virginia:

Before I talk about my quilting plan, here are some close ups of the block pattern:

I love the whimsical feel of Buggy Barn patterns, so this will be a happy quilt to work on.

Next step is to pick the thread and also the quilting pattern. I promise to show you what I’m thinking, quilting design wise, but I first need to draw and email them to Virginia so she can have some input with her quilt. Keep watching! Hugs, Carla

PS: Ok, here’s the proposed quilting design options for this quilt- as indicated by the black lines:

Be sure to notice the numbers…any guess as to which number or elements she will chose?

Thread: I’m thinking I might go with either a lighter shade of thread for the light areas and a darker red for the dark parts. This will maintain the values and contrast in this quilt and just give it some lovely texture.

5 thoughts on “Valentine Heart Quilt

  1. wow that looks amazing! How are you doing the top stitching? Do you use the sewing machine? I’ve seen people who charge per square metre to top stitch and they use a laser attached to a movable arm. Because your is so detailed, you must have some easy ideas to share 🙂

    • Hi Megan, I use an A1 Brand of longarm quilting machine, which is a stand up quilting system. This allows me to hand guide the stitching head to literally “draw” on the quilt with my stitching lines.
      I do teach an online class on quilt design at, and I am in the middle of teaching my Quilt Whisperer class right now.
      There are many NZ quilters in your area if you wish to learn more.
      Thanks for your comment! Carla

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