My Father…

My dad has been rushed back to surgery tonight with serious complications from his surgery this afternoon. Please send good thoughts and prayers on his behalf. Thank you for doing this.

Update on Thursday night 8:00 pm pst: He is now back in recovery again, he made it through the second surgery. The doctor is hopeful…

Update on Friday morning, 7:30 am pst: He continues to improve this morning, for which we are most thankful. The second surgery is what saved his life- for which we are eternally grateful.

Longtime blog readers know that I don’t often share personal information as the focus of my blog is creativity and artistic expression using a variety of mediums. Thus said, I appreciate the emails and comments from everyone expressing concern over my father’s life-and-death struggle last night.

As adults, we steel ourselves and know that one day we will eventually lose our parents, however, nothing prepares you emotionally for when that day arrives- or seems like it may be happening. Hugs to anyone reading this who has lost their parent or other loved one, and understands the myriad of emotions that played out last night.

Thank you, once again, for your kind words of caring and support. Hugs, Carla


24 thoughts on “My Father…

  1. Carla, I just saw about the surgery, and the go-back. My prayers are with you and your father, and all the people taking care of him. If you need anything, call!!

  2. My prayers are with your dad and your family. Praying you feel peace as His hands guide the doctors and nurses. Please know we are praying for a good outcome.

  3. My prayers are with you, your Dad and your family. I lost my Dad to that same surgery so many years ago. I still miss him and I guess I always will. I will pray for a speedy recovery and that you will have a wonderful visit with him next week.

    Hugs to you

  4. My father had open heart surgery 2 times in one night back in 1980. What was scary at the time turned out to be what allowed him to live another 26 years. I hope what is scary now works out to be a blessing in the future.
    Hugs & prayers

  5. Nancy, even though it was scary, yes, the second surgery saved his life. I was able to talk briefly to him tonight.

    I am so very thankful!! I’m also appreciative for all of healing thoughts and prayers from all of you. Thank you!

  6. Just checked in and saw this Carla. Im happy he made it through, and will keep your family in my prayers.
    Shivers… just sends shivers down my spine.
    Love to you.

  7. Now it’s 5 & 1/2 years later and i just found you Blog while searching for images of the Heather (heart) Buggy Barn quilt. I can’t find a further comment about your father, after he was stabilized by the second surgery. -Please update 🙂

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