Mixed Media painting homework

I’ve mentioned before about Paulette Insall’s mixed media background painting class that I’ve been taking. Here is the progression of the 5 lessons:

My homework canvas above needs some finishing work, but it is almost completed. The collage words on the canvas are a reminder that it is always better to listen than to talk. Hmmm… I do need to work on this.

I am taking one more class from Paulette- one on painting faces. Guess I had better practice sketching faces since you need to draw them in order to paint. LOL

WIP_ I’m also working on a freeform beading bracelet with a peyote base, and also another painting class with a different teacher. I’ll take pictures so you can see the progression on my next set of lessons. I hope to quilt another quilt in the next few days, so keep watching….

Hugs, Carla

12 thoughts on “Mixed Media painting homework

  1. OK, that’w working beautifully…where’d you find the owl?

    Your working peyote base? It doesn’t sound like it has anything to do with bracelets…what is it?

  2. Carla, thank you! Seeing the progression all together finally makes the concept make sense to me. I kind of wish now I had taken that class!

  3. Hi Carla, sorry I’ve been out of touch for so long … Blogarithm got sold and I lost all my beloved blogs! Anyway, I found you again, and am glad your Dad is doing better. I’m soooo envious of your mixed media background painting class with Paulette Insall! You’re obviously her star student.

  4. Fantastic! I love the colors and the finished product. Really really cool work!
    Because of your inspired posts, I’ve signed up for Paulette’s newsletter, and I’m on her list for a future “background” class! I can’t wait!!

  5. Hello Violetskies, Since this was a class written by another (Paulette Insall), I do not feel comfortable revealing the technique.

    I do, however, highly recommend Paulette’s class on Backgrounds! And, you can google her name to also locate her youtube videos. Good luck! Carla

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