Restoration Work

On my way out the door this morning, I received a panicked phone call from the local guild opportunity quilt person in charge of scheduling where the quilt travels.

“There has been an accident with the quilt,” she says. “Umm, the quilt was somehow ripped recently.” “Can you please come over and look at it to see if it can be fixed?”

Since everyone knows that machine quilters are miracle people, right? We can quilt ANYTHING out! So, I head over to look at it. Upon close inspection, the tear originated from inside the sleeve, tearing upwards through the sleeve back, the backing, the batting and finally, through the quilt top.

Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that some volunteer was inserting the rod through the hanging sleeve and something sharp (perhaps a poorly placed screw?) caught on the material. The person exerted significant force upwards, ripping through all the layers in the top border. What the #*%#*!!

BTW, the quilt ripper (MAY he/she roast forever in quilt purgatory- or at least until my memory fades) did not confess to their accident.

“Oh my,” I think to myself. Time to call Jill (quilt designer and master appliquér) and talk it over. I call and break the news to her. She is just sick since she put so much time and energy into this quilt. The decision gets made to do a 100% restoration, which means removing the sleeve, the binding and frogging (“frogging” means removing the quilting stitches- a very painful and tedious job- especially when you have wonderful tension and small stitches.) the ENTIRE border and then replacing the ripped border and backing, re-quilting, rebinding and adding the sleeve one more time.

So I’m having a frogging party next Monday to remove all the stitches in that top border. I’m not doing this alone! uh-uh, no way! So Jill and whoever she trusts to touch the quilt is coming over to help.

Anyone want to help me restore this quilt? Bring wine, apple-tinis, anything to make the day fun! Hic!


6 thoughts on “Restoration Work

  1. Carla, I think you are doing the right thing by fixing it this way…. I can’t believe the person responsible for the accident didn’t confess……it takes all kinds.

    Good luck with the restoration.

    Karen L

  2. Which quilt????

    How horrid….what a doofus to do that to a lovely quilt.

    I think you will be happier in the end if you actually fix it completely, but still….

    Hope you have a happy frogging party…between location and inability I don’t think I can help in any concrete way.

    Good luck.

    Oreneta, it was asian contemporary guild quilt that I finished last July. if you click on the words in the first sentence, it will link to the page where I posted some pictures, including my quilting sketch where I planned how I wanted to quilt it.

  3. I know you must be sick! But in the end it’ll be even better. Too bad the offending person didn’t have the good grace to take responsibility……

    Hope the frogging party is not too painful–good luck!

  4. Wishing you and your frogging friends a speedy and FUN filled time together making the best of it! Adult beverages all around!!!!


    PS – perhaps it was that frog from the fair – the one we thought was cute…that was a premonition of things to come…I thought his eyes looked a little bugged out….

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