Background Painting Class

Time to share my homework for the background class. I am caught up and ready to do Lesson 4 now. Here are some of my efforts for Lesson 2 and 3:

I liked how this one came out so far. if you look closely, there are some fish prints subtly hidden in this piece. Haven’t decided on a focal point subject yet. It will evolve however.

I liked the outcome of Lesson 2, above. Lesson 3 still does not yet feel right to me. Tomorrow I will work with some other colors. Perhaps I will paint over Lesson 3 and try again.

On the family front, I took my daughter to get her hearing aides today. I was surprised by the technology advances of her aides. Of course, they cost about 7k US and even have to be programmed. You can’t even see them when she wears them unless her hair is pulled up and you look closely. I just think she is happy to be able to hear better.


5 thoughts on “Background Painting Class

  1. I like the paint-over possibilities too…strangely I think I am going to use a fish for one of my focal points, I have been doing studies for what I want to paint in.

    My great Aunt has the most awesome hearing aids, they are really pricey too…she has a microphone someone can wear, or you can put on the table with different settings for a group or an individual so it cuts out that really pesky background noise. She is so glad that the technology keeps improving, because she has been so deaf for so long. She used to have to haul around something the size of a paperback with wires running to it…..much better now.

  2. Thanks Terri and Oreneta!

    Yes, Amy’s hearing aides apparently has the ability to seek out certain noises like voices nearby and filters out background noises. I took her for sushi afterwards and she was so excited just to be able to hear and not rely so much on lip reading.

  3. Hi Carla,

    Glad that Amy’s hearing aides are doing their ‘job’ and for 7k I sure hope they do! I’m sure she is quite happy for the ability to hear more clearly AND for them being less obvious.



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