Etsy Purchase

I was blog surfing this morning and stopped by Stegart, Terri’s Blog. She featured some whimsical paintings on her site and I noticed she was offering them in her etsy shop. So I purchased 2 out of the three- both the paintings with houses.

They will look good in my studio, I LOVE to collect pieces from other mixed media artists. One of these days, I should pull out my collection and show you all. LOL!

Happy Monday to you all (Tuesday for parts of the world)!

Hugs, Carla


5 thoughts on “Etsy Purchase

  1. Oohhh, Etsy is BAD. I cannot afford to spend much time over there…so much irresistable stuff…I love Terri’s work, post photos of what you’ve bought…it would be cool to see.

  2. I just couldn’t resist!! LOL I just figure I am supporting other artists, right?? That makes it a GOOD thing.

    As soon as the shipment arrives from Terri, I’ll take photos of my collection- to date. When her paintings arrive, I’ll see where they want to hang. That means i will walk around my house until they find a home. LOL

  3. Yes, Etsy is BAD BAD BAD! I had to get up from the chair a week or so ago to get away from the computer. That was very difficult. I’d love to say I’d go check out what you are talking about but I can’t spare the time!. Statistics calls me…UGH

    Karen A.

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