Fair Goal Completed!

OK, just arrived back home from dropping everything off at the fair for the judging. I dropped off 3 quilts in the Quilting area. I also dropped off 2 crochet items. I am simply happy to have met the goal I set for myself!

While I was intaking the 3 quilts, the women working mentioned that I had received a 1st place blue ribbon for the collage purse I dropped off on Wednesday. I went over and sure enough, Vicki Welsh, the purse you won on my blog contest earned a blue ribbon. LOL!! So now you are receiving an award winning blog prize!!

One of the crochet items I dropped off was a freeform crochet scarf wrapped artistically around a dress form wire armature. They were good sports about my unusual entry. The colors of this scarf is similar to a scarf I once made for Lynn:

It has been way too hot to think about freeform crochet Carla style. I usually go crazy with this in the late summer, fall and winter seasons. Perhaps my yarn needs some love and attention.

Enjoy your day!

10 thoughts on “Fair Goal Completed!

  1. Congrats on the win. Came over to look at your inchies and had to look at more things. Nice blog and wonderful quilting! Have you ever tried doing that bead crocheting with wire? I took a class in that and wow can you ever get some great and unusual creations with that method.

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