Quilt Bindings

OK, I’ll admit griping about doing my bindings lately. I decided to try a new way to do them, it involves bias binding, measuring and pre-marking the binding to match your quilt exterior, then sewing the mitered corners a certain way before attaching them to the quilt for stitching. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, join the club, I had never heard of it done this way before.

It did give me the most lovely mitered corners, already pre-sewn on both sides! Here’s a picture:

I am pleased to finally be done with the bindings, and thanks to Barb for sending me the how-to sheet on the hanging sleeve. I am pleased to report I made my deadline! Well, minus that gold silk whole cloth quilt I was planning to do. LOL!

Now I can focus on my painting homework. AND another project-in-the-works I will start soon. I am planning to do another goal on my list. More details at a later time… (how’s THAT for a teaser?)

Take care, wherever you live. Carla


4 thoughts on “Quilt Bindings

  1. Nice miter! Mine come out ok but could use some work. I’m not a fan of bindings either. At that point “I’m done with it!”

    Karen A.

  2. Thanks, I thought it came out better than my previous efforts.

    I searched online to find a link for this method for attaching the pre-mitered continuous bias binding, but didn’t find one. I say “pre-mitered,” because you sew the corners to create the metering and the bindings are one continuous, circular piece of binding before you pin it to the quilt and sew.

    Anyone know of which I speak? Am I as clear as mud? LOL

  3. No Carla, I have no clue what you are talking about…so yes, it is clear as mud….how is your binding circular?

    Karen A.

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