One Quilt Down!

I finished the binding on the Poppy Quilt this morning, so it is on to the Oak leaf Memory quilt. Before I do, I thought I’d show you the finished bound quilt:

and a few close ups:

and another:

I freely admit I am not the best quilt binder out there… but at least it is done. My fingers are a bit sore, but I need to start the next quilt in a few moments. My deadline for all my projects are Friday. I think I’m on track if I don’t get distracted… LOL!

A quick shout out to Barbara Chainey, a wonderful British author, quilter and designer. That little floral motif I’ve used in the blue and black border is one of her delightful stencils. Thanks, Barbara!


23 thoughts on “One Quilt Down!

  1. WOW! What an eye catching quilt! I love the multi-colored thread on the black. This one would catch your eye across a room and give you lots of pleasure looking at the quilting up close. Love it. Barb

  2. Oh my gosh, I LOVE this quilt!!! So bright and cheerful, and the quilt motifs are beautiful! I can’t tell by the photos… machine or hand quilted?

    Caron in Michigan

  3. I love how you put your “Carla” twist on that border stencil, very unique indeed, shopping for stencils at Quilting Creations online is so much fun and addictive, I also love the one you used on the black Oriental Quilt awhile back, by only using a potion of the stencil really made the flower look Oriental so different from the entire thing, very creative indeed… Don’t you just love the versatility of stencils????? Love the California Poppy fabric, you have been one busy girl, glad to see that your back is treating you with some TLC so you can enjoy your Artistic harmony……

  4. Thanks for the nice comments…. Caron, this is a machine quilted quilt. The design and the quilting were done very spontaneous, and the quilt was freehand guided (as opposed to a computer guided system). Oreneta, the doodling is the irregular pattern used in some of the block sections. I change up the doodling from quilt to quilt, but will usually stick it somewhere. Look for the bright thread on the dark background for a small taste.

    Actually, this quilt was designed in one day about 4 years ago when I felt like slashing up some fabric. I pieced it, then put it away. I don’t really consider this a “show quilt” per se, just a fun quilt where I can be expressive with color, pattern and quilting. I don’t even expect it to win any awards, but then again, that’s not why I create things.

    The repeating border motif is a lovely stencil pattern by British author and designer, Barbara Chainey. You can buy it from StenSource at One of my next goals is to design my own stencils… will share some more on this at a later time. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments! Hugs, from Carla

  5. Wow, Carla, it is gorgeous. I really love the border as well (I thought it was freehanded – you’re that good, you know). Thanks for the nice and bright eye candy this drizzly morning.

  6. Love how you did that border! I really need to find time to start playing with my stencils. Did I tell you that I ordered like $60 worth of them after you posted that log cabin?

  7. I love what you did on this quilt. It doesn’t matter whether you used a stencil or not, it still has your artistic touch and that makes it unique and beautiful.

  8. I recognize that stencil! 😉 It’s a fun one to do and much more fun when used in the border than as a partial motif in a block, although it does work nicely there. I like what you did as filler behind it. Very nice quilt.


  9. Once again, you started with a stencil design, then made it completely unexpected! Brava, Carla! I’m so proud of you for setting those goals and attaining them! I have no doubt that you’ll rack up the ribbons!

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