Jack at 5 months

Babysat the little guy this weekend! He was a bit fussy, but we just assumed he was teething, especially since he loved to gnaw on your knuckles, plus the cool teething ring. Of course, Grandpa got a diaper overflow on his clothes, which was pretty funny. Payback was when Jack sprayed me though during the clean up and diaper change. LOL!

His cheeks have filled out a bit:

Plus he can roll over now:

Anyhow, we had a good time, he is just so cute!

Today I finished Molly’s quilt, which was a cute little boy quilt for a friend, and we are planning on a show quilt or two for the future. I love collaborating with my former customers-turned-friends. The last quilt we did together ended up doing very well at the CA State Fair. That reminds me, that fancy log cabin quilt I quilted a few weeks ago? It is being entered into the State Fair by Molly, so I will let you know how it does after the judging.

That’s it for today… I’m busy finishing the binding on that poppy quilt. Hugs, Carla


9 thoughts on “Jack at 5 months

  1. Yeah, boys and diapers. I’m glad those days are over. Someday I’ll get to be a Grandma, but I can wait for several years yet!!! Your grandson looks adorable, such a fun age.

    Karen L

  2. he’s adorable! beautiful eyes. and yes, i’ve become familiar with the adventures of changing boy diapers!

  3. Ahhh those boys — they’re sneaky that way! LOL Been there done that. He’s so adorable — already 5 months — where does the time go??


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