Illustration Friday: Baby

I did a couple of these just for fun- or maybe I was bored. The first one has, of course, a chicken theme.

Hmmm… what is it with me and chickens?  Am I paying for that one time as a child when we herded them up to the top of the barn to see if chickens could really fly?

The next one I decided to draw through the eyes of a child with a naive, stylized “feel:”:

My inspiration was a cat I had growing up, when she had her babies and would carry them all over the house. Ahhhhh… childhood memories.


7 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Baby

  1. Oh the nightmares that chickens can leave us with. The kittens are great a reminder of kinder times.

    Karen L

  2. I like the polka dotted hen, but the cats are definitely my favourite. Nice idea with the stripes and I like the blackboard effect.

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