Turkey Love

My son and I heard some noise in front of my house, so we went to investigate. Imagine our surprise to see 2 male turkeys courting 2 female turkeys!! It was pretty hilarious to get a front seat view to some turkey mating rituals!!

The 2 male turkeys consisted of an adult and a teenager. They had 2 totally different methods for attracting the ladies. The adult male would fan his tail and puff himself up in a very handsome manner. All the while he would make sweet cooing noises and slowly creep over to the women. He was a Turkey Don Juan!!

Contrast this with the inexperienced teenager male: His M.O. was to chase the female and dazzle her by annoying brute force. He had absolutely no finesse and honestly, he was just irritating the females. He was certainly fueled by turkey testosterone, and at one point he even chased one gal into the air. I kept wanting to ask him, “Is this working for you??” LOL

The display was comical and very entertaining for my son and I. We were too busy laughing to take a picture, but some male turkeys are now back and on the prowl, so I grabbed my camera to show you:

Who would have thought that Turkeys would be so much fun to watch? LOL!

That it from the ranch…. Hugs, Carla

7 thoughts on “Turkey Love

  1. Turkeys are very fun to watch during the spring. The boys, when then open up there plummage is a marvoulous sight, and from what I’ve seen of our group, the ladies do take notice. Just wait for a few week when the little ones will be around, its fun to watch them do really dumb things.

    Karen L

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