My Backgrounds Painting class- 1st Lesson

I mentioned I was planning to start a painting class by Paulette Insall last week. The subject matter is painting backgrounds- particularly organic dimensional backgrounds with many layers using acrylics.

The first step after you prepare your canvas is to color wash it . Next add some collage elements:

Then you add the first layer of dimension and texture using paint:

That is my homework until Class 2. I need to pick up more paint colors and more canvases so I can try this using several color palettes. Stay tuned for next week’s show & tell!


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Regards, Carla

4 thoughts on “My Backgrounds Painting class- 1st Lesson

  1. Looking good so far Carla! Can’t wait to see how you finish it. Also what other colors palettes you decide to try.

    The turkey love post…. We had 20 pairs of wild turkey’s that lived on our property in Virginia; I loved watching them! And it was really fun once the babies were born!

  2. I too like what you are doing so far…I like way it appears as if there are bubbles under the canvas. I have a friend who has turkeys in her backyard. She calls them and they come out to be fed peanuts in their shells. There are 2 albino turkeys but she fears a fox or coyote may have gotten them as they have not been around lately…the circle of life continues.

    Karen A.

  3. Carla, I love the canvases so far. It looks very interesting. You can leave my link up on your blog, mine has a link to yours.

    Thanks, Diane, I added you earlier today when I was rebuilding my list off of the comments left by blog visitors. Thanks for stopping by!

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