Quilts and Pets

I’m busy quilting the autumn leaf photo transfer memory quilt today. I threw on the borders, pieced the back, then loaded it on my longarm table. Here’s a picture of it before the quilting:

You can see a few of the photo transfers if you look close at the picture above. I’m entering this quilt into the “memory quilt” category at the local fair.

Btw, the oak leaf quilt is a design by Carolyn Reardon and may be purchased at http://www.quiltandsewshop.com/product/Turning-Leaves/quiltmaker-patterns.

This weekend, I spent a couple of hours volunteering for the local quilting guild. They were trying to raise money for the guild by selling raffle tickets in front of the local grocery store. If this quilt looks familiar, that is because I did the asian style contemporary quilting for this quilt designed by Jill Rixman:

It is always fun to see quilts that I have quilted down the road at a later time and place. There is a funny story about this picture… notice the man in the window to the left of the quilt? He put up a fuss when we put the quilt there, which blocked his view. He finally was irate enough to complain to the store manager. The store manager was very nice guy when he came out to talk to us. He was also a smart man… did he side with a crank customer who will only be there a short while?? Or a bunch of sweet ladies oozing quilty goodness who do charitable things for the community?? LOL Guess who won?? LOL!!


I have to take Oscar, our gray kitty, to the vet today. He got a foxtail in his eye or eyelid and though we pulled it out, it must have left debris behind because his beautiful eye is not normal. Yesterday, I put some antibiotic ointment in there until I could have him see the vet today. Poor Oscar!!

I dread Foxtail season with a passion! Every day I need to groom all the animals and conduct a thorough foxtail search. Left alone, a foxtail will corkscrew down the animal’s hair shaft and enter the animal’s body. It will continue to migrate and can actually kill your pets if left unattended. If you are lucky, it will only form an infection and abscess, which requires a vet visit and possibly surgery. Last year, we had to spend about 2k on vet bills related to foxtails.

I will report on Oscar’s condition tomorrow. In the meantime, if you have pets and live where there are foxtails, please check them regularly for this horrible weed!

Regards, Carla

Oscar Update: It was a good thing Oscar saw the vet today. There was another whole foxtail in his eye and part of yet a third. His cornea is torn, but with the antibiotic ointment, and no more run ins with foxtails, his beautiful eye will be restored. – Carla


7 thoughts on “Quilts and Pets

  1. The quilts look smashing as always Carla.

    Poor Oscar! Hope all goes well at the vet and he is all better soon. Be sure to let us know how he does.

  2. If you feel like parting with the autumn quilt…I know someone who would love it and treasure it ;-)!!!! The Asian is is wonderful and Poor Oscar! Hope all is well soon.


  3. I love the leaf quilt! Now, for the cranky guy, he should have had his nose plastered to the window, admiring your quilting! Schtoopid guy! LOL. I’m glad that you got Oscar to the vet! Poor baby!

  4. Love the Asian quilt’s quilting! LOL! Stupid man in the window!

    I HATE those darn foxtails. Thankfully not too much of a problem in the city but was certainly a problem in the country. Glad to hear your poor cat will recover.

    Best wishes for a foxtail-free summer. LOL! Well, you can wish! 😉

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